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Professionals and Young People work together to re-build Mosul

The end result of the current military campaign in Mosul will be to return the city to square one, under the control of the very same corrupt political system that had oppresses the city and usurped its legitimate demands before the ISIS (Da’ish) occupation.
In fact, a number of developments make the situation today even more difficult and complicated. Today, sectarian militias are part of the apparatus of the State, Mosul is in ruins, a corrupt political system is in place and the central government in Baghdad refuses to acknowledge the city’s tragedy.  The State is corrupt and bankrupt and Mosul is a battleground for scores of competing paramilitary militias. In this situation, hopes of a return to normality and security, never mind any re-development, are simply impractical and unrealistic, forcing many residents of the city to look for emigration as the only credible way out.

Faced with this difficult reality, Mosul is in pressing need of an International presence to re-establish the rule of law and prevent the inevitable rule by militias. Only an international administration can ensure fair and equitable funding distribution and re-development. An effort that engages the young people of the city and its skilled workforce, aided and supported by their professionally trained brothers and sisters based outside the country in all parts of the world.

On this basis, the people of Mosul demand that their city is put under an International Supervision, and urge all concerned international organisations and civic society institutions to support this call as the only way to save this ancient city from total destruction at the hands of a corrupt, sectarian government. This demand will be supported by legal, societal and cultural submissions proving the City’s right to be put under International administration, as the only viable solution to its problems after ISIS.

Such a decision (the Internationalization of Mosul) is not under the control of this organisation. However, we will faithfully and truthfully inform the World of the facts and support (and encourage) the international community to place Mosul under International administration. We believe that this is the only way to prevent corrupt politicians from, once again, using the city and its people as bargaining chips to further their own personal interests in any future negotiations. Needless to say, this call will require the support of all the people of Mosul to lend it moral and legal credibility.

Below are the names of some of the signatories to this declaration. Others have asked for their names to be withheld for personal reasons.

Rabee Faisal Al-Hafidh, Harith Siddiq Al Kutubi, Dr Ra’id Hashim Al Dabouni, Dr Yazan Othman Ahmad,  Dr Ihsan Muhammad Al Ta’I, Dr Hussain Modhaffar Younis, Dr Khaldoon Qaydar Ismail, Eng Nabhan Abdul Wahab Al-Chalabi, Fawaz Al-Tayyib


I am from Mosul, I hereby support Mosul Foundation in the internationalisation of the issue of Mosul in order to remove corruption of the political system and to make way for the experiences and competencies of the city’s non-politicians to restore hope and reconstruction